14th November 2004

Barnside Farms, Ranmore, Nr Dorking, Surrey

Thanks to the organisation of Andy Jackman our first trial of the winter series was held on a new venue at Barnside Farms by kind permission of Nicky Coe. The course was on a fairly flat field and run with packets of five lambs which were generally good, although a bit cheeky underhand. The course was quite small with a right hand drive, shed and pen. 18 dogs were entered and there were some promising new faces out on the field, including new dogs for some and a new handler as well - Angela Paice setting foot on the trial field for the first time with her novice dog Kip. Angela and Kip were having a good run until Kip got stuck on the drive away and despite extra commands form Angela's young daughter Emily to say "Away" they retired. It was good to see Rae Lutman out again, this time with a novice dog Star that showed some nice work. Mark Banham had two nursery dogs running and both gained places, Jim 2nd and Pippa 6th. Andy's two dogs also both gained places, Clint scoring 75.5, way ahead of any other dog in either class and completing the course just within the time allowed. Mick Schofield's Chloe won the novice class by half a point over Steve Stone's Moss. Bill Fairhall's Glyn produced some good work, if a little sticky compared to his normal way at home and they came, to Bill's surprise, 3rd in the Nursery class.

In all the trial went well and our thanks to Carol for judging on this frosty, but thankfully sunny, day.

All drawings copyright © Suzy Woolston